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This is new book celebrating Sheffield’s place in the fight for access to the Peak District moors. Entitled Clarion Call: Sheffield’s Access Pioneers, the book includes many previously-unseen photographs of the early days of the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers and their charismatic leader GHB Ward. It is published with the support of the South Yorkshire & North East Derbyshire area of the Ramblers. 

The photographs show the men in their Sunday suits and women in long dresses and hats, all wearing hob-nailed boots, on rambles organised by the Clarion Club, one of the first working class rambling clubs in the country, founded by Ward in 1900. One of the pictures even shows Ward skinny-dipping in a pool near Swain’s Greave, Bleaklow, on one of the early rambles. 

The book has been written by Dave Sissons, Terry Howard and Roly Smith, all committed local access campaigners for many years. Ward expert Dave Sissons has managed to link many of the photographs with actual walks as recorded in the famous and now avidly-collected Clarion Club Handbooks, which Ward single-handedly edited for 50 years. Terry Howard, a prominent Sheffield rambler and access campaigner, contributes his personal views of Kinder Scout and the legacy of GHB Ward, and the book is designed by Ann Beedham. 

The book also records the leading role in the fight for access to mountain and moorland which Sheffield has played over the years. Editor Roly Smith writes in his introduction that leading national figures, such as John Ruskin and Edward Carpenter, all had strong connections with Sheffield, and the fight for the right to roam. 

 “We felt it was important that Sheffield’s part in these early access battles should be recorded, especially important now that the city is campaigning to be Britain’s Outdoor City,” explained Roly, who is also president of SYNED.

The book is available from local bookshops and information centres at a price of £7.99 or to Ramblers members only from Terry Howard at a pre-release price of £7 (£5 + £2 postage). 


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Tribute to Roy Cannon


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    The GHB Ward Commemorative Walk: Holmesfield to Longshaw Circular


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SPIRIT OF KINDER 2017........
Village Hall, Edale 


The new Director General of the National Trust, Dame Helen Ghosh, began the day’s talks after a rousing introduction from our master of ceremonies the well-known local writer and broadcaster (Radio Sheffield) Rony Robinson. The village hall was so crowded, that many people were forced to stand at the back or in the aisles. Dame Helen identified many of the areas of outstanding natural beauty now owned by the National Trust, and outlined the Trust’s ‘ambitious aims for the future’. She ended by pointing out the importance of the Trust’s stately homes and coffee/gift shops in helping to fund the management of these areas.


Venessa Griffiths, the new Chief Executive of The Ramblers, told us she had taken her 2 teenage sons for a walk before the meeting, and they were so impressed by the surrounding landscape that they had actually put there phones down for a short while! She highlighted the need to increase public access to the countryside, and the magnitude of the actions of the Kinder mass trespassers 85 years ago. 


Stephen Trotter, Director of the Wildlife Trusts England and Jon Stewert, General Manager of the National Trust in the Peak District, recounted some of the problems they experienced in there efforts to deal with the ‘pressures and problems’ in restoring the ‘stunning moorland landscapes’ around Kinder– ‘the biggest moorland conservation project in Europe’. Returning the thousands of sheep to their owners was perhaps the most difficult, as they just kept coming back!  They illustrated the on-going MoorLIFE project in the South Pennine Moors Special Area of Conservation. This vast area of active blanket bog has suffered from 200 years of industrial pollution. The link below shows the incredible transformation over the past five years and explains why healthy moorlands are important to a healthy environment for all of us.   If you are interested in volunteering with Moors for the Future contact:


The popular, Stuart Maconie (broadcaster, writer and journalist) is now president of The Ramblers. As a son of industrial Wigan, Stuart spoke passionately on the how our rights to enjoy our beautiful countryside ‘have been hard won’ and we should never take them for granted. He ended with the plea that we must continue the fight.

The Sheffield poet and songwriter, Sally Goldsmith entertained us (to much amusement) with one of her own songs (wearing 3 hats, but not all at once!). She ended with ‘The Manchester Rambler” and asked everyone to join her. Of course she changed some of the words - ‘from Manchester Way’ became ‘down Sheffield Way”. After all, we were celebrating the publishing of a new booklet - The Clarion Call, in memory of Sheffield’s Access Pioneers (who are often forgotten).

Roly Smith reports ...
              Kinder Trespass                                                 



Alan Edwards and Jan Gillet
unveil the commemorative plaque
which will be placed on the outside wall of the Royal Hotel

Cary Davis
   'A sense of Space a sense of Place'